Visitor FAQ

Table of Contents

Time and place of the conference

When will the conference take place exactly?

We want to start on Friday 1st, 2002 in the early afternoon and will end on Sunday 3rd, 2002 in the afternoon. More exact information follows if we know ourselves.

Where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place in the building of mathematics at the Technische Universität Berlin.

How do I get to the Technische Universität Berlin?

All public transportation is described to the stop Ernst-Reuter-Platz. From there you walk the Straße des 17. Juni direction Tiergarten. On the left side is the building (No. 136).

If I want to use public transportation in Berlin?

Use U2 oder U12 to Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

If I want to take the train?

Use the train to station Zoologischer Garten. Continue with U2 or U12 direction Ruhleben to Ernst-Reuter-Platz (1 stop).

If I come by airplane?

From airport Berlin-Tegel

From airport Berlin-Schönefeld

From airport Berlin-Tempelhof

If I have to use a car?

From the North (e.g. Hamburg, Rostock)

Von Westen/Süden (Hannover, Nürnberg etc.)

Von Süd-Osten (Dresden etc.)

Further important details about attending the conference

Is there a conference fee?

We don't require a conference fee, but we would appreciate if you would contribute to the funding of the conference with some amount (standard value: 8 EUR).

In any case, however, you please register yourself by or use the registration formLocal link. We need that to get an organizational overview

What about registration?

Please, please, register for the conference. Right now we have no idea how many people will come and you help us very much if you send a short registrationLocal link to

What about a get together?

For Saturday evening we are planning a get together.

What about food?

At all three days during the conference we will offer simple, vegetarian food.

Where can I sleep?

Presumably we can not arrange for accommodation for people we did not invite as speakers. So you need to sleep at friends you may have in Berlin or book a room.

Very cheap accommodation is available at

A common overview over accommodation at all rates is available at the page about accommodation of the city of BerlinRemote link (German) or at the Berlin Tourist InformationRemote link (English, including online reservation).

The Technische Universität is located in Charlottenburg. Hotels in this district or the neighboring districts Wilmersdorf, Tiergarten or Wedding are relatively close to the place where the conference takes place.

May I have all that on paper and up-to-date?

The conference office will provide a folder with much information.

About the organization of the conference

Who is the organizer of the conference?

Official organizer of the conference is the Projekt Oekonux e.V.Remote link working together with the AStA der TU BerlinRemote link. Some presentations are supported by Helle Panke e.V.Remote link.

At this point we thank all named and unnamed supporters of the conference for their involvement without which the conference would not be possible.

About the presentations

Which sort of presentations are planned?

We distinguish between several sorts of presentations:

Presentation of a project

Theory talk


Panel discussion


Free discussions (BOFs)

Experimental presentations

How many presentations are planned in total?

There will be between twenty and thirty planned presentations, which are announced in the ProgramLocal link. Open discussions round may be added spontaneously.

How many presentations will run in parallel?

At the moment we plan up to three parallel tracks.

Is there a program?

You may view the programLocal link in various forms.

May I give a talk or present a workshop?

Please submit a short outline of your intentions to Project OekonuxMail link by

1. September 2002

Please do not use a proprietary format. In general plain ASCII text suffices completely. We are convinced by content - not by appearance.

Please note our Call for PapersLocal link.

Is it possible to have spontaneous BOF sessions?

It is not only possible but wanted. We will make available one room for BOF sessions.

About the visitors of the conference

What is the target group of the conference?

The conference is a means to understand each other in the Project OekonuxRemote link and with other people who come to similar questions in their field. This includes Free hardware projects as well as political analyses.

Open-mindedness regarding other approaches but also the possibility of sustaining criticism are important, but above all a desire for a (joint) development is needed.

How many people do you expect at the conference?

The first conference has been attended by about 170 persons. We will be able to give estimates by the demand for registrationLocal link.

Helping the conference

Does it help if I register?

It definitely will help us if you registerLocal link for the conference. Then we can estimate better for how many people we need to be prepared.

May I tell others about the conference?

This is one of the most easy ways to help the conference.

Do you have a logo I can put on a web site?

We have a collection of logos for the conference.

Do you need money?

If it is possible for you, you may support the conference by donatingRemote link some money.

Do you need help during the conference itself?

We need people for different tasks on the conference. If you would like to do that, please contact the Oekonux projekt teamMail link. Meanwhile there is an own mailing list for helpersRemote link.

Do you need translators?

On the conference we need people, who are ready to translate simultaneously German/English, or English/German, respectively, for a small group of persons. Please contact the Oekonux projekt teamMail link.


Where can I ask further questions, mention wishes, make suggestions, or complain?

For all questions, wishes, suggestions, and complaints about the conference please contact the Oekonux projekt teamMail link.